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Data Networking Laboratory
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Q1: MA05 Fourier Analysis
Q1: PL02  C Programming (ex)
Q2: FU03  Discrete Systems (ex)
Q3: FU02  Information Theory (ex)
Q4: MA06 Complex Analysis
Courses - Graduate


Optical Fibre Communications, Data Communications, Photonic Signal Processing, and Optical Devices
Educational Background, Biography
2020~         Univ. of Aizu, Senior Associate Professor
2018~         Kyshu Univ., Visiting Researcher
2014~         NICT, Visiting Researcher
2014~2020 Tokai Univ., Associate Professor
2010~2014 National Institute of Info. and Comm. Tech. (NICT), Researcher
2009~2010 Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden,Assistant Professor
2006~2009 National Institute of Info. and Comm. Tech. (NICT), Researcher

2005 Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2001 M. Phil., Shanghai University
1998 B. Eng., Shanghai University
Current Research Theme
Photonic Device: EO Polymer and LiNbO3 integrated optical modulator, Silicon-on-isolator optical modulator (MZI, Micro-ring), Silicon passive device (micro-ring) for optical signal processing; Subsystem: Optical performance monitoring (PMD, OSNR, and CD), Coherent optical systems (QAM and PSK transmitters and receivers),Direct-detection systems (Nyquist SCM, PAM4), All-optical signal processing using optical nonlinearities, Optical vortex (OAM) and its applications in optical communications, Radio over fibre system, Fibre optical parametric amplifier (FOPA) and its applications, Optical access networks (PON).
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Special Issues:
"Photonics for Emerging Applications in Communication and Sensing" @ MDPI Photonics
"Security-Aware Optical Networking" @ Frontiers in Communications and Networks

24 Aug 2020: Our latest research on "Silicon-Polymer Hybrid Modulator" has been published with Springer Nature in Nature Communications:
Lu, G., Hong, J., Qiu, F. et al. High-temperature-resistant silicon-polymer hybrid modulator operating at up to 200 Gbit s−1 for energy-efficient datacentres and harsh-environment applications. Nat Commun 11, 4224 (2020).
Research Highlight: "Hybrid Modulators Keep their Cool" by Nature Electronics
Editors' Highlights: Nature Communications

JST Press Release: ポリマー光変調器の高効率化に成功し世界最高速の光データ伝送を更新
Coverage: Science Daily Phy Sicen Mag Eurek Alert BioEngineer News @ Kyushu U 福島民報 News @UoA

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