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Center for Cultural Research and Studies
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Sociology, Sociology of local community, Academic Skills 1・2
Courses - Graduate


Community development
Martial arts history
Educational Background, Biography
1999.3 Faculty of Sociology, Ryukoku University
2005.10 Visiting Scholar, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
2006.8 Foreign Experts, School of Japanese studies, Dalian University of Foreign Languages
2007.9 Foreign Experts, Riyuxi(Japanese course), School of foreign languages, Lanzhou University of Technology
2008.3 Finished Doctor’s Programs without dissertation, Ph.D Program, Sociology, Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
2009.3 Ph.D degree awarded (Human sciences), Osaka University
2010.4 Research Associate, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University
2013.4 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Waseda University
2016.4 Lecturer (Term appointment employment contracts), Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, Matsuyama University
2017.4 Associate professor (Term appointment employment contracts),Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities, Matsuyama University
2019.4 Senior Associate Professor,(tenure track system) Center for Cultural Research and Studies, School of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of Aizu
Current Research Theme
Community development and Tourism in Kitakata city
History of chinese martial arts
Key Topic
Community development
chinese martial arts
Affiliated Academic Society
The Japan Sociological Society Kansai Sociological Association Japan Association of Regional and Community Studies Japan Institute of Tourism Research Japan-China Sociological Society


Taichi,Kung Fu
School days' Dream
Current Dream
Those who like it are better than those who know it, and those who enjoy it better than those who like it.
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Dissertation and Published Works

"The Ethnography of the Boxing Subculture in Japan : From the perspective of the strategies of identity constructions among the youth at a time of social change" Japanese Sociological review,Vol.58(1),pp.21~39
"An Ethnography of Wushu (Kung Fu) Schools: From the Perspective of Reproduction Strategies and Identity Constructions"Japanese Sociological review,Vol.64(2)、pp.169~186
″“Judo vs. boxing”as advocated by Kenji Kano, and its place in Japanese boxing history″ Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences,59(2):pp.529~547,“Actual Records Judo vs. Boxing; throw or punch”BAB Japan