From Aizu to the World

To put its founding principle into practice, the University of Aizu recruited faculty from throughout the world. The situation in Japan today is such that both the quality and quantity of computer researchers and engineers are insufficient, and there are only a limited number of people capable of supervising them at the time when the University was established. Accordingly, the University recruited outstanding individuals from Japan and overseas.

The University sought outstanding faculty by reviewing their achievements in their respective fields through detailed examinations, and this resulted in approximately 40% of the faculty being non-Japanese. this level of internationality has become one of the University's most distinctive features. Not only does this prove that computer science and engineering is viable globally, but also it illustrates the urgent need to train computer researchers and engineers in Japan. Of course our outstanding faculty also includes Japanese educators and researchers, and both Japanese and non-Japanese researchers on campus collaborate on joint projects to make global research practically viable.