Aizu University and Aizu Laboratory,Inc.(※1) have jointly applied for and received a patent for the following invention. For details, please refer to the following web page(※2).


■ TITLE OF THE INVENTION: "A TSV fault-tolerant router system for 3D-Networks-on-Chip,"
■ INVENTORS : Abderazek Ben Abdallah, Khanh N. Dang,( the University of Aizu.)
Masayuki Hisada,( Aizu Laboratory, Inc.)
■ FILING DATE : November 14,2017 (APPLICATION NUMBER 2017-218953)
■ REGISTRATION DATE : March 6,2023 (PATENT NUMBER 7239099)
the University of Aizu.
Aizu Laboratory, Inc. 

(※1) Aizu Laboratory, Inc.
(※2) Ben Abdallah & Dang Laboratory