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Distributed Parallel Processing Lab.
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Courses - Undergraduate
Introduction to ProgrammingComputer ArchitectureParallel Computer Architecture
Courses - Graduate
Numerical Modeling and SimulationsHigh Performance Computing


Astrophysics, High Performance Computing,Computer Architecture, Reconfigurable Computing
Educational Background, Biography
2013 Senior Associate Professor, University of Aizu 2007 Associate Professor, University of Aizu 2004 - 2007 Special Postdoc Researcher (RIKEN) 2001 - 2004 JSPS Research Fellowship (PD) 2000 - 2001 Postdoc researcher at Research Center for Early Universe (University of Tokyo) and Astronomische Rechen Institut. 2000 University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, D.C. in Science 1997 - 2000 Awarded JSPS Research Fellowship (DC1) 1997 University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Science, M.A. in Science 1995 Tohoku University, School of Science, B.A. in Science
Current Research Theme
Development of High Performance ComputerHigh Precision ComputingAstrophysical Numerical Simulation ofDevelopment of Domain Specific Language
Key Topic
Universe, Numerical Simulation, Computer Architecture, FPGA, DSL, Compiler
Affiliated Academic Society
Astronomical Society of Japan, International Astronomical Union, Information Processing Society of Japan, IEEE, ACM


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"Hackers" Steven Levy "Hacker's Delight" Henry S. Warren Jr. "The New Hacker's Dictionary" Eric S. Raymond ed.
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Dissertation and Published Works

Formation and Chemical Dynamics of the Galaxy and Globular Clusters PhD thesis, University of Tokyo, 2000

1. GPU accelerated Hybrid Tree Algorithm for Collision-less N-body Simulations, T.Watanabe & N.Nakasato, 2014, Fifth International Symposium on Highly-Efficient Accelerators and Reconfigurable Technologies (HEART2014)

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3. GRAPE-MPs: Implementation of an SIMD for quadruple/hexuple/octuple-precision arithmetic operation on a structured ASIC and an FPGA, N.Nakasato, H.Daisaka, T.Fukushige, A.Kawai, J.Makino, F.Yuasa & T.Ishikawa, 2012, IEEE MCSoC 2012, pp.75?83

4. Implementation of a Parallel Tree Method on a GPU
N.Nakasato, 2012, Journal of Computational Science, Vol. 3, pp.132-141

5. Multi-level Optimization of Matrix Multiplication for GPU-equipped Systems, K.Matsumoto, N.Nakasato, T.Sakai, H.Yahagi, & S.G.Sedukhin, 2011, Procedia Computer Science Vol.4, 342-35

6. GRAPE-MP: An SIMD Accelerator Board for Multi-Precision Arithmetic, H.Daisaka, N.Nakasato, J.Makino, F.Yuasa, & T.Ishikawa, 2011, Procedia Computer Science Vol. 4, 878-887

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9. 3-D Simulations of the Chemical and Dynamical Evolution of the Galactic Bulge, N.Nakasato & K.Nomoto, Astrophysical Journal, 2003, 588, 84