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Courses - Undergraduate
- NC02: Network Security
- NC04: Wireless Networking
Courses - Graduate
- CNC06: Performance Evaluation of Network Systems (CNS FoS core course)
- CNA07: Optical Communications and Networks (CNS FoS advanced course)
- CNC03: Selected Topics of Future Internet (CNS FoS core course, shared with other professors)


- Optical fiber and optical wireless communications
- Digital communication theory
- Computer communication and networking
Educational Background, Biography
Anh T. Pham received Ph.D. degree in Information and Mathematical Sciences from Saitama University, Japan in 2005. Since April 2005, he has been on the faculty at the University of Aizu, where he is currently a Professor of Computer Communications. He also holds an adjunct professor position at Vietnam National University. He is the recipient of several awards, including a research award by Japan Sasagawa Foundation, two best-paper awards and the Japanese government scholarship (MonbuKagaku-sho) for PhD study. His supervised students have also been awarded three paper prizes from IEEE Sendai section.

Professor Pham research interests are in the broad areas of communication theory and networking with a particular emphasis on modeling, design and performance evaluation of broadband wired/wireless communication systems and networks. In particular, he has involved in a number of research projects, focusing on enabling technologies and architecture for optical access networks, modeling and cross-layer design of ultra high-speed free-space optical communication networks, design and development of visible light communication networks to support media transport, cognitive radio networks, video streaming and Internet of Things (IoT). He has authored/co-authored more than 160 peer-reviewed papers on these topics.

Professor Pham is senior member of IEEE. He is also member of IEICE and OSA. He is an active contributor to his professional societies. Over the years, he has served on the technical program committee of many international conferences and workshops in the communications and networking area. He also serves as reviewers for various Transactions and Journals published by IEEE, OSA, IEICE and Elsevier. Currently, Professor Pham serves as a Guest Editor for IET Optoelectronics (published by the United Kingdom Institution of Engineering and Technology - IET), Special Issue on Optical Wireless Communications, and a member of Editorial Board of the KICS ICT Express Journal (published by Korean Institution of Communications and Information Sciences - KICS).
Current Research Theme
- Design and Analysis of Selection Protocol and Adaptive Rate Strategy for Cooperative FSO Systems,
- Design and Performance Analysis of Hybrid RF/FSO Networks
- Cross-layer design for Visible-light communication (VLC) home networks
- Indoor localization system using visible light signal
- Toward the Paradigm of Ultra-wideband MIMO-OFDM Optical-Wireless Communications
- Design of Quantum Key Distribution protocols over FSO.
- Novel Access Protocols for Massive IoT
Key Topic
- Optical wireless, visible light communications: network design, enabling technologies and applications
- Modeling, design and performance analysis of communication networks
Affiliated Academic Society
IEICE (regular member), IEEE (senior member), OSA (member)


Marathon, Cycling, Swimming
School days' Dream
To become an Electronics Engineer
Current Dream
To become a Triathlon Athlete
"Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality."
Favorite Books
"An Encouragement of Learning" (Gakumon no Susume) by Fukuzawa Yukichi
Messages for Students
"Life is a marathon, not a sprint"
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Dissertation and Published Works

Selected Publications (Updated information, visit

[1] Hoang D. Le, Chuyen T. Nguyen, Vuong V. Mai, and Anh T.Pham. On the Throughput Performance of TCP Cubic in Millimeter-Wave Cellular Networks, IEEE Access, Vol.7, No.1, pp: 178618-178630, Dec. 2019. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2959134.

[2] Anh-Tuan H. Bui, Chuyen T. Nguyen, Truong C. Thang, and Anh T. Pham. A Comprehensive Distributed Queue-based Random Access Framework for mMTC in LTE/LTE-A Networks with Mixed-Type Traffic, IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 66, Issue 12, pp.12107-12120, Oct. 2019. DOI: 10.1109/TVT.2019.2949024

[3] Thanh V. Pham and AnhT. Pham. Coordination/Cooperation Strategies and Optimal Zero-Forcing Precoding Design for Multi-User Multi-Cell VLC Networks. IEEE Trans. on Communications. Vol.67, Iss.6, pp.4240-4251, June 2019.
DOI: 10.1109/TCOMM.2019.2900675

[4] Hoang D. Le, Vuong V. Mai, Chuyen T. Nguyen, and Anh T. Pham. Design and Analysis of Sliding Window ARQ Protocols with Rate Adaptation for Burst Transmission over FSO Turbulence Channels, IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communication & Networking, Vol.11, No.5, pp.151-163, May 2019. DOI: 10.1364/JOCN.11.000151

[5] Thanh V. Pham, Truong C. Thang, and Anh T. Pham, On the Average Achievable Rate of Spatial Diversity MIMO-FSO over Correlated Gamma-Gamma Fading Channels. IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, Vol 10, Iss. 8, pp. 662-674, 2018. DOI:

[6] Phuc V. Trinh, Thanh V. Pham, Ngoc T. Dang, Hung V. Nguyen, Soon Xin Ng., and Anh T. Pham. Design and Security Analysis of Quantum Key Distribution Protocol over Free-Space Optics Using Dual-Threshold Direct-Detection Receiver. IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 4159-4175, 2018.

[7] Thanh V. Pham, Hoa Le Minh, and Anh T. Pham. Multi-User Visible Light Communication Broadcast Channels with Zero-Forcing Precoding. IEEE Trans. on Communications, Vol 64, Issue 6, pp. 2509-2521, June 2017.

[8] Chuyen T. Nguyen, Anh Tuan H. Bui, Van-Dinh Nguyen, and Anh T. Pham. Modified Tree-based Identification Protocols for Solving Hidden-Tag Problem in RFID Systems over Fading Channels. IET Communications. Vol. 11, no. 7, pp. 1132-1142, May 2017.

[9] Phuc V. Trinh, Truong C. Thang, and Anh T. Pham. Mixed mmWave RF/FSO Relaying Systems over Generalized Fading Channels with Pointing Errors. IEEE Photonics Journal, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 1-14, Feb. 2017

[10] Phuc V. Trinh, Ngoc T. Dang and Anh T. Pham, All-Optical Relaying FSO Systems Using EDFA Combined With Optical Hard-Limiter Over Atmospheric Turbulence Channels, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol.33, no.19, pp.4132-4144, Oct. 2015.