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Biomedical Information Engineering Laboratory Research Center for Advanced Information Science and Technology
Professor, Division of Information Systems Head of the Division
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Courses - Undergraduate
Algorithms and Data Structures
Ventures Experience Workshops
CSE Exercise II
Signal Processing and Linear System
Courses - Graduate
Introduction to Biosignal Detection
Biosignal Processing and Data Mining
Creative Factory Seminar
Research Plan Seminar


Biomedical Engineering
Educational Background, Biography
Zhejiang University, Scientific Experiment Instrument Department, Bachelor (1983)
Zhejiang University, Biomedical Engineering, Master (1986)
Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Ph.D. (2001)
The University of Aizu, Biomedical Information Technology Lab. Professor (2012)
Current Research Theme
SHIP(Scalable Healthcare Integrated Platform)
Key Topic
Biomedical instrumentation, Signal processing, Data analysis, Seamless monitoring, Health, Longevity, Sleep, Heaven-earth-human interaction, Healthology
Affiliated Academic Society
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering, IEEE-EMBC


History, travel
School days' Dream
Current Dream
To foster younger generation and to cultivate new business
Favorite Books
"Knowledge from Nature: Twenty-one discoveries that changed the world"
Messages for Students
Thrill your imagination, Ignite your passion, Blaze your future.
Publications other than one's areas of specialization

Dissertation and Published Works

1. Healthcare - an everlasting challenge in temporal and spatial domains
 Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 2010(3), pp. 189-199, 2010
2. Discovery of Biorhythmic Stories behind Daily Vital Signs and Its Application
 Chapter 24 in "Recent Advances in Biomedical Engineering", pp. 453-492
 ISBN 978-953-307-004-9
 Publisher: SCIYO, Vienna, Austria
3. A Long Journey to Health Begins from Yourself Now! (Japanese)
 Glorious Road of Future Fukushima, No. 320, pp. 37-40, April, 2009
 ISSN 0288-0954
 Publisher: Fukushima Economic Research Institute, Fukushima, Japan