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Human Interface Laboratory
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Algorithms and Data StructureProgramming C++
Courses - Graduate
Advanced Signal ProcessingSpatial Hearing and Virtual 3D Sound


Sound Signal ProcessingAuditory Modeling
Educational Background, Biography
B. Eng. degree from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, 1985.
M. Eng. and D. Eng. degrees from Nagoya University, 1987 and 1991.
System engineer, 1991-1993.
Frontier research scientist, the Bio-Mimetic Control Research Center, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan, 1993-1998.
Visiting researcher, GMD German National Research Center for Information Technology, 1997-1998.
Currently, senior associate professor, University of Aizu, Human Interface Lab.
Current Research Theme
3D sound system development,Environmental sound analysis
Key Topic
3D sound,Environmental sound
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Ski, tennis
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Research on sound and audition
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Dissertation and Published Works

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