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Center for Cultural Research and Studies
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
Physical Education1(C2,C3,C5)
Physical Education2(C1,C3,C5)
Physical Education3
Physical Education4(Swimming)
Theory of Physical Education
Graduate Thesis
SCCP Human Motion Analysis Project
Excersise and Health(Junior Collage)
Courses - Graduate


Health and Sports Science
Physical and Health Education
Educational Background, Biography
[Academic Degree]
Doctor of Health Science
Master of Physical Education

[Educational Background]
Doctoral Course of Graduate School, Niigata University of Health and Welfare, Major in Health and Welfare,2018
Master’s Course of Graduate School, University of Tokai, Major in Physical Education,1993

[Professional Background]
1993 University of Aizu (Assistant)
1997 Junior Collage of Aizu (Part-time lecturer)
2001 University of Aizu (Lecturer)
2010 Fukushima University (Part-time lecturer)
2010 Iwase General Hospital Nursing School (Part-time lecturer)
2012 University of Aizu (Senior associate professor)

[Sports Background]
1989-90 National Swimming Team Member of Japan
1991-92 Swimming Team Member of Club Wolverine (U-Michigan)
1989, 50M Freestyle (U-Tokai, National Record)
1989,90, 4×100 Freestyle Relay (JPN, National Record)
1995, 4×50 Freestyle Relay (Pref. Fukushima, National Record)
Current Research Theme
KAKENHI Grant Number JP21K02384 Development of VR Learning Materials Considering the Growth Stage of Childcare Teachers
Key Topic
Professional Vision
Professional Development
Visual Perception
In-the-moment noticing in authentic settings
Affiliated Academic Society
Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sports Sciences, European College of Sport Science, Japan Society of Human Growth and Development, Japan Society of Educational Technology, Japanese Society of Sports Psychology, Japanese Association of Health Psychology, The Japan Society of Coaching Studies, Japanese Society for Studies on Educational Practice,


Pottering, Camp
School days' Dream
Japan National Swimming Athlete
Current Dream
School Management
A good way of living is to live smoothly and flexibly as like clear water by changing its shape
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