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Center for Language Research
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Courses - Undergraduate
EN07: Intermediate English 3
EN08: Thesis Writing and Presentation
EL329: Critical Thinking
EN06: Intermediate English 2
EL146: Corpus Linguistics for Language Learners
Courses - Graduate


Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), Corpus Linguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), Cognitive Linguistics, Corpus Applications in Language Education
Educational Background, Biography
B.A. Mass Communication (Photojournalism)
M.A. Applied Linguistics
Ph.D. Applied Linguistics
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Affiliated Academic Society
Japan Association for Language Teaching Cognitive Science Society


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Dissertation and Published Works

2018- Nominalizations, Agentless Passives, and Social Actor Mystification: Newspaper Editorials on the Greek Financial Crisis (Ph.D. thesis, University of Birmingham, UK)
2016- John Flowerdew (ed.) Discourse in Context (book review), Discourse & Communication 10(6), pp. 658-660.
2015- Maite Taboada, Susana Doval Suarez and Elsa Gonzalez Alvarez (eds.), Contrastive Discourse Analysis: Functional and Corpus Perspectives (book review), Discourse and Communication 9(2), pp. 267-269.
2014- ‘A multiliteracies approach to materials analysis.’ (co-author). Language, Culture, and Curriculum 27(2), pp. 136-150.
2013- Christopher Hart (ed.), Critical Discourse Studies in Context and Cognition (book review). Discourse and Communication 7(4), pp. 462-464.
2011- Wyke Stommel, Entering an Online Support Group on Eating Disorders: A Discourse Analysis (book review). Discourse and Communication 5(2), pp. 201-203.
2011- ‘Corpora: valuable teaching and research tools.’ KOTESOL Proceedings 2010.
2010- ‘Hygiene Resources: Responding to student embarrassment in the EFL classroom.’ KOTESOL Proceedings 2009.
2009- ‘How do people use these words?’ Peerspectives 4, pp. 3-5. Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan.