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Computer ArchitectureOperating Systems
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Nature Inspired DesignPattern Recognition and Machine Learning


Computational intelligence
Educational Background, Biography
1993: Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, Wuhan University, China 1999: Ph.D., School of Computer Science, University College, the University of New South Wales, Australia 1994 to 1996: Lecturer, Wuhan University, China 1999 to 2000: Research Fellow, AIST Tsukuba, Japan 2000 to present: Senior Associate Professor, the University of Aizu
Current Research Theme
Neural network ensemble learning
Key Topic
Optimization and statistical learning
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Films and novels
School days' Dream
To be a mathematician
Current Dream
Make a machine intelligent like human
Over the Top
Favorite Books
"Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
Messages for Students
To get active and involved in class.
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Dissertation and Published Works

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