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Data Analyses of Remote Sensing Images
Development of Instrument for Lunar/Planetary Exploration
Geological Mapping by using AI
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Main research

Student Cooperative Class Project: Lunar and Planetary Data Analysis & Tanpopo Project on ISS

Student Cooperative Class Project: Lunar and Planetary Data Analysis

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Promotion of Space Software from UoA! (Factories for Start-Up Ventures, etc.)

This has been started as an educational project supported by Coordination Funds for Promoting AeroSpace Utilizaiton MEXT (2017-19).
O02-2 Factories for Start-Up Ventures no.2 Space Utilization of Remote Sensing Data, CFS Creative Factory Seminar, O03 SCCP Lunar and Planetary Data Analysis & Tanpopo on ISS, and delivery lectures for junior/senior highschool students.

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Dissertation and Published Works

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