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Computer Networks Laboratory
Senior Associate Professor
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Courses - Undergraduate
P5 Computer LanguagesP6 JAVA Programming II (Exercise)
Courses - Graduate
CNC01 Computer Communications and NetworkingCNC02 Network ManagementCNC03 Selected Topics of Future Internet


Computer NetworkingComputer Aided Educatione-LearningSoftware EngineeringShape Analysis
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Mar. 1988, PhD of Engineering, Nagoya University Jun. 2000 Assistant Professor, The University of Aizu Oct. 2010 Senior Associate Professor, The University of Aizu
Current Research Theme
Computer Aided Educatione-LearningShape Analysis
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Main research

C Programming Learning supporting Environment

This research proposed a C programming learning supporting enviornment that is used "software visualization" technique for high school students who aimed at the first score in the programming section of PC Koshien contest. These students can study C language more efficiently happily interestingly by using this supporting environment. This environment can help the students and thier teachers  studying C programming at anywhere and anytime. An  experimental system,as a result of this reserath, now is open to all of you.

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Dissertation and Published Works

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