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Wireless and Mobile Networks
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Wireless and wired Networking, Cloud Computing, big data, security and privacy
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Sept. 2012, PhD degree, The University of Aizu Oct. 2012 ~ March 2014, Postdoc Fellow, The University of Aizu April 2014, Associate Professor, The University of Aizu
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Wireless and wired Networking, Cloud Computing, big data, security and privacy
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2013 Peng Li博士、2013 IEEE ComSoc仙台支部Student Excellent Research Award受賞
2014 李鵬准教授「IEEE Computer Society Japan Chapter Young Author Award 2014」を受賞 "

Main research

Demand-addressable Sensor Network: for Demand-driven Large-scale Sensor Network

The aim of this research project is to construct a wide-area sensor network that interprets users’ abstract sensing demands. The network then finds the sensors that hold the data which satisfies the demand, mashes up the collected data within the network along with useful information from other systems, and finally enables the user’s terminal to display it in real time. The sensor network itself has an environmental adaptability that allows each sensor node to consider its surroundings and the user-issued requests, and which will then dynamically change its role to actively acquire the desired sensing data autonomously.

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Dissertation and Published Works

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