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The University of Aizu's Globalization

We have conducted research and academic exchanges with 100 universities and research institutions in 25 countries and regions. We are also conducting various global initiatives, including offering training programs for students who are interested in study abroad or conducting research overseas.

Consistent Focus on English Education Since Our Foundation

We have conducted the global education for over two decades under our foundation principal "to Advance Knowledge for Humanity." The University of Aizu was chosen for the Top Global University Project by Ministry of Education, Culture, Supports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2014. Since then, we have aimed to become a leader in global education as a trailblazing university in the ICT field in Japan by promoting advanced ICT education and research, conducting regular courses in English, and promoting students' entrepreneurship.

Why focus on English and programming education?

The Importance of English at the University of Aizu

At the University of Aizu, all meetings and documents are bilingual (Japanese and English). English education is crucial for the University of Aizu. Students not only take English-related courses as foreign language courses, but also take courses related to computer science taught in English. All undergraduate students must write their graduation theses in English, and most international students use English in the course of their research.

Top-level faculty from around the world

Specific Globalization of the University of Aizu

Study Abroad / Overseas Internship Programs

We offer students interested in studying or conducting research overseas a variety of programs according to their ability levels and goals. We offer overseas internship programs in Silicon Valley in the United States and in Dalian, China. These programs allow students to experience making things while interacting with local engineers, participate in cutting-edge R&D internships at local venture companies, and more.

Study Abroad/International Exchange(Japanese Text Only)

Overseas Internship Programs

World University Ranking Initiatives

In order to objectively assess our situation, we have been featured in a number of university rankings published by Times Higher Education (THE), a British education magazine.

THE University Ranking Initiatives

The University of Aizu Top Global University Project

Setting a goal of fostering global ICT innovators through the trinity of Spirit, Technology, and Adaptability, we are conducting a variety of programs aimed at fostering students' spirit of global ICT innovation and entrepreneurship: their competitive ICT design, development, and utilization skills; and their ability to adapt, adjust, and integrate in a multicultural environment. We also offer programs to develop world-class ICT Talent, such as the ICT Global All-English Course, which allows students to graduate from the university by taking courses taught entirely in English.

Promotion Office for Top Global University

Office for Strategy of International Programs, Center for Globalization

The Office for Strategy of International Projects is an international education and research base aimed at the realization of "Local to Global, Global to Local" by contributing to international and local society through the development of outstanding talents and creative research.

Office for Strategy of International Programs, Center for Globalization

Participation in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)

The International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) is a competition where the world's most prominent universities compete to be the best in the field of computing. Teams from the University of Aizu, which have consistently made it through the Domestic Preliminary Contest to the Asia Regionals every year, are working hard to make it to the World Finals. To date, UoA teams have competed in the World Finals four times.

the University of Aizu Competitve Programming Club