In order to get an objective understanding of the situation our university is in, we are working on various university rankings by a British education magazine, THE (Times Higher Education).

THE World University Rankings

In the world
601-800th / 1,904 universities
In Japan
11th / 119 universities


THE Japan University Rankings

In Japan
24th / 271 universities (2nd among public universities)


THE World University Rankings by Subject: Computer Science

In the world
401-500th / 974 universities
In Japan
7th / 36 universities


What are THE World University Rankings?
These are university rankings published by THE, including the World University Rankings, World University Rankings by Subject, Japan University Rankings, Asian University Rankings, and Impact Rankings.

THE World University Rankings

THE World University Rankings is a global ranking of universities that has been published since 2004.
The data of each university is analyzed in five areas, namely teaching, research, citations, international outlook, and industry income, and 13 indicators are used to calculate and rank the scores for each.
More than 60% of the indicators are characterized by research-related items.
The University of Aizu is particularly highly regarded for its internationality and ranks higher than the median in the number of citations of its papers.

Participating Universities Rank Rank in Japan
2024 1,904 universities 601-800th 11th
2023 1,799 universities 801-1000th 14th
2022 1,662 universities 601-800th 13th
2021 1,526 universities 601-800th 14th
2020 1,397 universities 601-800th 16th
2019 1,258 universities 601-800th 14th
2018 1,103 universities 601-800th 13th

THE Japan University Rankings

THE Japan University Rankings is a ranking of Japanese universities only, which THE has been publishing since 2017. Unlike the global version of the ranking that each university is measured in terms of educational environment, quality of student learning, and growth potential, the Japan University Rankings is based on 16 indicators across four areas: Educational resources, educational enrichment, educational outcomes, and internationality.

Participating Universities Rank
2023 271 universities 24th
2022 273 universities 18th
2021 278 universities 24th
2020 278 universities 24th
2019 213 universities 26th
2018 258 universities 34th
2017 292 universities 23rd

THE World University Rankings by Subject: Computer Science

As with THE World University Rankings, THE World University Rankings by Subject is based on 13 indicators in five fields: Teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income. The ranking is divided into 11 fields, including arts and humanities and life sciences, and our university is ranked in the field of computer science. The weighting of the scores is changed for each field, so the weighting of the number of citations of papers is lower, and the weighting of reputation research in education and research is higher in the field of computer science.

Participating Universities Rank Rank in Japan
2023 974 universities 401-500th 7th
2022 891 universities 301-400th 7th
2021 827 universities 251-300th 6th
2020 750 universities 301-400th 4th
2019 684 universities 401-500th 9th

THE Asia University Rankings

THE Asia University Rankings is based on data from THE World University Rankings and includes only 739 universities in 31 countries and regions in Asia. This ranking uses the same indicators as THE World University Ranking. However, some of the weights of the indicators have been changed.

Participating Universities Rank Rank in Japan
2024 739 universities 201-250th 17th
2023 669 universities 251-300th 18th
2022 616 universities 194th 16th
2021 551 universities 152th 15th
2020 489 universities 190th 23rd
2019 417 universities 160th 20th

THE Young University Rankings

THE Young University Rankings is a ranking of universities that have been established for 50 years or less. Like THE World University Rankings, the ranking scores data citations, teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook .

Participating Universities Rank Rank in Japan
2024 673 universities 201-250th 1st
2023 605 universities 251-300th 3rd
2022 539 universities 201-250th 3rd
2021 475 universities 182th 3rd
2020 414 universities 201-250th 4th
2019 351 universities 151-250th 3rd
2018 250 universities 151-250th 4th