Competitive research grants and funds

Successful researchers need ability, grit, a dash of luck and a plentiful supply of funds. I have grit and have recently been rather successful at drawing down funding. Ability and luck, however, are still in short supply.

JSPS Kakenhi Grants-in-aid

Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi) are multi-year research grants awarded by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The grants are awarded based on a stringent peer-review screening process. The overall acceptance rate of proposals is approximately 25%.

AY2020 to AY2022 (three-year grants)
  • Co-Investigator - Cross-disciplinary approach to prosody-based automatic speech processing and its application to computer-assisted language teaching [ https ]
  • Co-Investigator - Preparing computer science students for job interviews with English video production and analysis [ https ]
AY2019 to AY2021 (three-year grants)
  • Principal Investigator - Feature visualizer and detector for scientific texts [ https ]
  • Co-Investigator - Developing a diagnostic language assessment of Japanese EFL learners' English language email writing [ https ]
  • Co-Investigator - 役割語分析で英語のアカデミックライティングスキル向上を目指す地域貢献型PBL (Short version: Improving academic writing through role language) [ https ]

UoA Competitive Research Fund

The University of Aizu Competitive Research Fund awards single-year research grants on the basis of a written proposal and formal presentation given to the review board. The highest evaluated proposals receive the most funding while the lowest ranked receive none.

  • Principal Investigator - Online language feature detector
  • Principal Investigator - Tense Activator: Automatic identification and explanation of tense in context
  • Co-Investigator - Speech prosody modeling, visualization and estimation in an interdisciplinary discourse
  • Co-Investigator - Professional communicative writing and pragmatics: Addressing the needs of University of Aizu students
  • Principal Investigator - Interactive language feature visualizer for thesis writing
  • Principal Investigator - Online error detection and feedback tool for graduate theses
  • Co-Investigator - Graduation thesis and presentation development through student-produced video

UoA Strategic Research Fund

The strategy research fund was a single-year grant offered only in 2017. The criteria for allocation was similiar to the UoA Competitive Research Fund.

  • Co-Investigator - Project-based language learning: A model for Fukushima revitalization