Status of Achievement

Aiming to Foster Global ICT Innovators

The University of Aizu has made the following improvements since being selected for the Top Global University Project.

Development of Educational Programs

Overseas Internships

Established a system for supporting implementation of internships at global companies


Honors Program

Supported students' free activities and developed innovators with global competence


Exchange Programs with Partner Universities

Promoted globalization of UoA; developed Japanese students with global competence

ICT Global Program All-English Course (BS degree can now be earned taking exclusively EMI courses)

Japanese and foreign students both improved through friendly competition and mutual study

Overseas Business Development Project

Established a system for supporting global entrepreneurship experiences abroad

Improvement of Campus Environment

Aizu Geek Dojo (Co-working space)

Improved students' technical skills by facilitating an environment for creating things

Global Lounge activities (Multicultural Lounge Activities)

Provided a place for student exchanges


Hiring and appointment to management positions of foreign (and foreign-educated) employees

Diversified faculty members and university management

Buddy Program

Promoted exchange by pairing Japanese and international students
Furthered mutual understanding through real-life experiences of diverse cultures
Improved the English proficiency of Japanese students

Challenger Badges (Badges to encourage extracurricular activities)

The university officially recognized and promoted extracurricular student activities, etc.


Structure of Organization / Securing Funds

Structure of Organization


  • Established PDCA cycle based on the opinions of students and faculty members
  • Promoted project based on evaluations and advice from external experts

Collaboration with External Entities

  • Promoted internship/study-abroad programs by developing overseas offices
  • Promoted exchange programs by strengthening cooperation with international partner universities


Securing Funds

  • Received support from overseas internship host companies
  • Received support from a local foundation
  • Secured self-sustainment funding

Major Indicators / Major Outcomes

8_major indicators_outcomes.png