Initiatives for Globalization in the University of Aizu

The University of Aizu (UoA), as the first public university in Japan to specialize in computer science and engineering, aims to cultivate talented ICT graduates to be active on the world stage through advanced education and research in the field of ICT.

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Instruction by world-class professors

One of the main features of the UoA is that about 40% of the faculty members are non-Japanese. We recruit faculty members openly around the world, so world-class professors can gather in the UoA to provide high-level education.


The ICT Global Program All-English Course

ICT Global Program All-English Course (ICTG Course) provides undergraduate education entirely in English. The UoA has been devoted to globalization, including all education activities in the Graduate School being conducted in English since its foundation. In order to create a global environment for undergraduate students, we started the ICTG Course in 2016.
Since 2019, Japanese students have been able to join the ICTG Course. Japanese and International students can communicate with each other inside and outside of class. Besides, the UoA promotes international students to participate in Fukushima revitalization projects and exchange events with regional people for fostering their distinctive regional identity.
The UoA provides students opportunities to improve their adaptability to a multi-cultural environment.


ICT Global Program All-English Course