【SERIES】Advanced ICT Global Program in the UoA

November 22, 2019

Vol.1 Voice from undergraduate students ~Conversation between International student and Japanese students~


As a Top Global Unviersity, the University of Aizu developed the "Advanced ICT Global Program All-English Undergraduate Course (ICTG Course)".
This course has started since October 2016 to provide undergraduate students education entirely in English (ICTG subjects). From AY2019, not only international students but also Japanese students have the opportunity for registering to the course, therefore this course gets more attention for creating an multicultural environment for international students and Japanese students together.
In this series, we introduce in detail about ICTG Course from students' enrollment to post-graduation through their' voice and lectures.

Season 1, Voice from Undergraduate Students!

In order to help international students spend university life happily and productively, the "buddies" teams make activities every month such as sightseeing, dining and shopping.

This time, we interviewed 4 students below about "Buddy Activities" and "feeling of attending the course".


Q. This question is prepared for 2 students in ICTG Course. Why did you decide to attend this course?

Namatame: I registered to ICTG Course in 3rd quarter of 2nd grade. The main reason is that I want to improve my English vocabulary.
      Since I entered university, I started to learn English in earnest and to communicate actively with international students.
      I decided to register to this course because I would like to improve skills not only in daily conversation but also in terminology English
      such as mathematics and engineering.

Hai    :My university in Vietnam has a transfer program with the UoA that provides opportunity for students to study two years in Vietnam
      and then come to Aizu for two years, so I wanted to challenge it.
      One more reason I choose this program is that many international students from all over the world come to this university, so I would like to
      make foreign friends.


Q. Hai, What do you think about the university and Aizu city when you actually come here?

Hai    : I live in Aizu for only one month. I found here is quiet and comfortable. Especially at night, it is sooner getting dark and stores are closed
      earlier than Vietnam, although I want to go out for dinner or something. On the other hand, I can go sleep early because of that.

All    : haha. You have a point.


Q. It has been 2 months since you joined "Buddy Program". What activities did you make?

Namatame: We had lunch together nearby university.

Hai    : Menu at the restaurant were all written in Japanese so that I googled each menu with my buddies to choose my dish.

Namatame: In addition, we planned to go to "Ashiyu" (Japanese public foot bath) and Japanese style spa. We can't go far from Aizu
      because we don't have a car, but we would like to go where we are able to go by trains or buses, instead.
Hai said he wants to go around temples in Aizu. I think it is also a good idea.

Hai    : I want to go temples and take beautiful pictures!

Q. Mr. Samejima and Mr. Fujita are freshmen just enrolled in April. What made you decide to join "Buddy Program"?

Samejima:I joined this program because I would like to make foreign friends. Although there are lots of international students and non-Japanese
      professors in the university of Aizu, it is difficult to make foreign friends in a general way. This program could solve the problem, I thought,
      so I joined in.


Fujita  :Of course, I wanted to get close with international students, but the strongest reason was that I don't want to end my four years campus life
      without any experience.


Q. Has anything changed since joining this program?

Fujita  :My motivation for studying English was changed. While in high school, I studied English for examination.
     However, since I entered university, I have come to focus on practicing conversation to talk my thoughts and to communicate with others.
     For example, I started watching videos on YouTube to improve my English skills.

Samejima: At first, I worried that I could not communicate with international students, but I was relieved because everyone was easy to talk to.

Q. It is a key point that teammates can help each other when problems happened especially when you were anxious before talking.
Finally, please tell us some good points of the ICTG Course.

Hai    :Though it has only been 1 month since I started studying here, I got a lot of help. Professors actually are good English speakers and they support me
      immediately whenever I want. I would like to recommend this university to those who are considering admission.

IMG_3960.JPGのサムネイル画像 IMG_3959.JPGのサムネイル画像

Namatame: ICTG Course is composed of English classes. It is sometimes hard, but I am glad that I can handle it by reviewing with handouts or discussing with
      international students.
      Other than this point, there are 2 benefits of the course.

      First, in each class, you can listen to various English accents from professors. Using English terminology to discuss with international students is also
      good training for you. It is helpful to improve your English skills.

      Second, you will have more conversations with international students by taking the same classes with them. "Have you learned this part?",
      I often ask them.

      If you are interested in ICTG Course, I recommend you to drop by "Global Lounge" once. "Global Lounge" is a foreign language-only room in the university
      which is established to promote multicultural experience and interchanges with international students.
      Talking with international students in the "Global Lounge" before taking the ICTG Course can boost your confidence in studying English.

      It sounds like an ambitious course, if you are interested in, please step into it and try!

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