What is the Honors Program?

Curriculum Guide

This is an exclusive program, starting from 2017, for outstanding students with excellent GPAs or highly motivated individuals who have practical experience. By offering an intensive learning process, enrichment of learning contents, and giving various opportunities in education and research, the program enables students to improve their abilities further. To this end, the classes and the courses are arranged separately from the general scheme.
Currently, two types of integrated five-year programs for Bachelor's and Master's degrees are available at the UoA. Program A, a four-plus-one system, consists of a combined four-year-undergraduate and one-year-master's programs. Program B, a three-plus-two system, consists of three-year undergraduate program and two-year master's program. In addition, the Unique Talent Discovery Program is to encourage undergraduates to enhance their skills through extracurricular activities. Students can apply to the program at any time.


The Honors Program consists of two types: the Integrated Undergraduate-Master's Program and the Unique Talent Discovery Program. Accredited students can receive various support particular to each program.

The Integrate Undergraduate-Master's Program: In this program, all required courses for obtaining Bachelor's and Master's degrees can be completed in five years instead of six years. The spare year can alternatively be used for challenges in various activities such as study abroad and internships. In addition, the spare year can be divided into multiple shorter periods.

There are three types of Integrated Undergraduate-Master's Program.

  • Type A:The program is completed in 4-years Undergraduate + 1-year Graduate School. Students can take some graduate school courses in their 4th year and they start the research for their master thesis.
  • Type B1: The program is completed in 3-years Undergraduate + 2-years Graduate School. Students will not get a Bachelor's degree but can get a master's degree.
  • Type B2: The program is completed in 3-years Undergraduate + 2-years Graduate School. Students graduate early so that they must write a graduation thesis in their 3rd year.

The Unique Talent Discovery Program: Students who are accredited as "Unique Talent" can receive various support including activity fees for external contests, summer school, development, and so on.

Honors Program Completion Certificate

An honors program completion certificate shall be issued to Honors Program students as follows:
-Students in the Integrated Undergraduate-Master's Program: upon completion of the Master's program
-Students in the Unique Talent Discovery Program: upon graduation from the Undergraduate School