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The University of Aizu's Research Aims

Top-level faculty members recruited from around the world conduct world-leading research at the University of Aizu. Our Japanese and foreign-born researchers conduct a wide variety of joint research projects.

Promotion of Team-based Cross-organizational and Multi-disciplinary Research

In addition to promoting the research of our individual researchers, we are promoting team-based cross-organizational and multi-disciplinary research. To that end, we have developed a Research Cluster Model in which strategic and budding research develops into project-based research and eventually into center-based research. Each cluster participates in national and large-scale projects in cooperation with leading universities in and outside Japan.

Joint Research with Overseas Universities and Researchers, Adoption of Solicited Project Proposals

The university has been committed to internationalization since its founding, and has been active in joint research with overseas researchers, writing papers, and presenting at international conferences. We have also had a number of solicited project proposals adopted, including by MEXT, METI, and MIC.

Specific Research Organization of the University of Aizu

Research Center for Advanced Information Science and Technology (CAIST)

CAIST is an organization that conducts advanced research based on computer science and engineering in collaboration with external institutions. Currently, research teams (clusters) have been established in four priority research fields. Each of these clusters is promoting projects involving a large number of students.

Research Center for Advanced Information Science and Technology(CAIST)

Aizu Research Center for Space Informatics (ARC-Space)

In the field of space information science, which integrates space science (planetary science) and information science, this center will contribute to the elucidation of the origin and evolution of solar-system bodies by conducting publicly solicited joint research and other activities in cooperation with JAXA and ICT companies, utilizing data accumulated through past lunar and planetary exploration and observational research, developing data and software with added new values, and providing the results to academic communities such as the Planetary Science Society of Japan.

Aizu Research Center for Space Informatics (ARC-Space)

AI Center

In response to the needs of society and industry, we have established the AI Center, a cross-departmental virtual AI research team. The AI Center is conducting research in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, big data, AI chip/hardware implementation, and AI ethics and society in order to solve problems, develop talent, and respond to social needs.

AI Center

Cultural Research Center

The University of Aizu expects its students to acquire advanced computer knowledge and skills before leaving the university as the leaders of the next generation with health of mind and body and a rich sense of humanity. The faculty members in charge of our humanities, social sciences, physical education, and teaching license courses at the Center for Cultural Research and Studies play a part in realizing the educational objectives of the university by providing an education in these areas that forms the broader background of the university's specialized education.


Language Research Center

The Center for Language Research was established at the time of the university's founding in 1993 to encourage English language teaching and research necessary for computer science and engineering. In addition to their own research, the faculty members are involved in teaching English to improve all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Language Research Center

Cooperative Research

The University of Aizu conducts research on themes shared with private companies, local governments, and specialized institutions in a variety of ways to create innovation and promote and develop industry.

Cooperative Research