In the "Project Development Arena," which is the core of the program, students work on projects with clear objectives and requirements in order to conduct research and development for specific users (clients) based on social needs. The two-year Master's Program is divided into four arenas of activity, allowing for incremental refinement and improvement of results through iterations.

The program is unique in that it is possible for students to work on both research-oriented and development-oriented project themes in collaboration with colleagues across laboratories and research fields.

In addition to improving technical skills for problem solving, this department focuses on teaching students to improve their relationship management skills through teamwork. Another feature of the education is the use of English for lectures, student presentations.


Curriculum(From AY2023 enrollment)

Structure of curriculum is as follows:

Graduate Department of Information Technologies and Project Management(PM

Required creditsat least 40 credits  required

at least 16 credits)
at least 10 credits)
Project Development Arena
14 credits)
Fundamental Core Courses
(at least 4 credits)
Application Core Courses
(at least 4 credits)

・Advanced courses or courses from any category

PM Research seminar(2 credits)
Conference Presentation Seminar(2 credits)
Educational seminar(2 credits)

・Tea seminar(2 credits)
・Contest(2 credits)
・Creative Factory seminar(2 credits)
・Research Paper Writing I(2 credits)
・ICT Global Venture Laboratory(2credits)
・Effective Academic Research Presentation Seminar(2 credits)

Project Development Arena I-IV
(I-III...3 credits each, IV...5 credits)

※A team of 2-4 students perform a project. The team is evaluated by a biannual technical report that summarizes its progress/results. At the end of Arena IV, overall results of I-IV is evaluated for completion of the program.

※A special "Certificate of Honor" will be conferred on completion

☆The list of projects which will be offered in AY 2023


Learning in the Program