The purpose of the Graduate Department of Information Technologies and Project Management is to promote education through solving practical problems oriented to the IT industry. A variety of opportunities and team-based environments are organized to encourage both cooperation and individual initiatives and leadership. Also the department aims to foster internationally educated experts in leading edge information technologies.

Developing cutting-edge IT specialists who have international education background is an important duty of modern society. This field of study offers courses of basic knowledge and applied technologies to develop highly-reliable and safety software. This Field of Study aimed to develop IT leaders who have wide spectrum of knowledge on Computer System development from basic to applied technologies. Therefore, students are required to take courses from other FoS to obtain knowledge which their projects requires.

Specific goals of this Department are;

  • Cultivating Leading Engineers of System Development
  • Experiencing Research and Development in an English speaking international environment
  • Acquiring the latest knowledge and technologies
  • Improving necessary qualification to be international researchers and engineers