People interested in obtaining fundamental knowledge & practical skills for developing reliable and secure software for embedded systems, web-centric computing and scalable information infrastructures are invited.

Possible goals for students:

  • To become a chief architect who can lead system development projects
  • To gain experience on English-based, international research & development projects
  • To acquire knowledge and skills on the latest technologies
  • To prepare for international job opportunities

Unique educational program

The program emphasizes on providing a challenging environment for future IT leaders and their creativity development by:

  • Research and solving of practical problems in the Project Development Arena
  • On-demand access to a rich collection of courses
  • Encouraging student's initiatives through a variety of seminars, presentations, and contests

Advantages of learning at the University of Aizu

  • Attractive multidisciplinary research projects
  • Joint research activities, internships and exchange programs with industry and foreign university partners
  • English-based, multi-cultural environment with professors/students from more than 20 countries
  • Unique computer systems and facilities
  • Encouraging environment for creative activities of researchers
  • The Aizu countryside full of scenic attractions, an essential ingredient for inspiring new ideas

Upon completion of this program, in addition to the master degree diploma, graduates will obtain a certificate of Leading Edge IT Specialist and a Certificate of Honor designating their specialization.