Smart Museum


Role: Improve visitor experience at the Fukushima Museum
Target: Visitor support and exhibition design
Value: Improve visitor learning and knowledge acquisition
Currently, it is difficult to obtain objective data on visitor’s behavior in viewing the exhibits that is necessary for evaluation/improvement.
Also, it is currently difficult to understand the visitor’s learning experience so as to provide necessary support.
To improve the situation, it is desired to be able to objectively grasp visitor’s behavior within the exhibit hall.
Furthermore, it is required to collect visitor’s learning experience without hindering their experiences.
Therefore, a system that objectively measures visitor behavior and supports curators for analysis and interpretation will be developed.
Visitor’s satisfaction in terms of learning improves.
(1)Realize objective thorough measurement of visitor behavior.
(2)Develop devices/applications for visitors that encourages/induces appreciation of exhibits.
(3)Develop advanced computational methods to analyze and visualize visitor behavior.
(4)Develop a system for curators that encourages analyzing and interpreting the measured/computed visitor behavior.
(5)Develop a system to assist curators in designing exhibitions based on the analysis and interpretation.

  • Application to support appreciation of exhibits Application to support appreciation of exhibits