On Monday, December 19, 2022, the University of Aizu President, Dr. MIYAZAKI Toshiaki *1 and Dr. BEN ABDALLAH Abderazek *2, Dean of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KAWAGUCHI Tatsuki *3, Director of Office for Strategy of International Programs, visited Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)*4 to exchange ideas on specific exchange research and academic programs, and to hold an MoU signing ceremony. This is the first bilateral MoU with Malaysia *5, a Southeast Asian country and area that aims to improve productivity by utilizing the latest technology.

The MoU signing ceremony was attended by USM Vice-Chancellor Dr. SAMAT Narimah, and Dean of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Dr. SUNDI Shaherel Azmin *6, and other faculty and staff involved in strengthening future collaboration.

At the ceremony, President Miyazaki said, "Many of our faculty members are actively engaged in research related to social issues and collaboration with industry. Computer Science and Engineering offers many opportunities, and we look forward to working with researchers and students from around the world to develop new technologies and promote sustainable research cooperation."

The USM Vice-Chancellor Dr. SAMAT stated, "Through this collaboration, students will be exposed to international thinking and essential cross-cultural knowledge. In addition, we can implement high impact, high technology collaborative research, especially at the forefront of scientific, technological and industrial advances that are aligned with 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) with the faculty exchanges.

The research team at UoA is currently exploring further research collaboration ideas with the research team at USM, and they will accelerate the global collaboration such as joint labs, and faculty and student exchanges.

usm_signed_mou.jpeg usm_commemorative_photo.jpeg
UoA President and
Vice-Chancellor SAMAT signed MoU
Commemorative photo with the MoU
usm_research_discussion.jpg usm_research_lab.jpg
Introduction of the USM by Dr. SUNDI, Dean of School of Electrical and Electronic Enginnering, and exchange of opinions on industry-academic-government collaboration Campus Tour of the Ocean Exploration Robotics Laboratory

*1 Dr. MIYAZAKI Toshiaki, Professor, Chairman of the Board of Executive / President

*2 Dr. BEN ABDALLAH Abderazek, Professor, Regent (Dean of the Undergraduate School), Dean of School of Computer Science and Engineering

*3 KAWAGUCHI Tatsuki, Senior Associate Professor, Director of Office for Strategy of International Programs

*4 Universiti Sains Malaysia Website (English)

*5 List of exchange agreements with foreign countries

*6 Dr. SHAHREL Azmin Sundi, Professor, Dean, Faculty of Electronic Engineering