A Computing Environment Endowed with Both Quality and Quantity

The University of Aizu provides a 24/7 computing environment suitable for education and research in order to foster computer scientists who will create knowledge for a new era and engineers with advanced computer skills.

By learning the nature of computer, you will gain the ability to find new problems and to create things that will be helpful for society.

Computer Environment

Computers, Operating System Environment, and Software Environment

With some 3,000 computers on campus, our classrooms have enough computers for every student to always have a computer available for purposes such as exercises and self-study.

Classroom computers are equipped with several operating systems to suit the class content and purpose of the use. We provide UNIX-based Linux and macOS environments to have students learn basics and mechanisms of computer as well as Windows environments.

Our computers are also installed with a large selection of open-source software, providing an environment for research and education ranging from the fundamental to the applied.

Network Environment

TOur campus network features a 40-gigabit ethernet backbone, enabling high-speed communication. Wireless LAN connections are also available across the campus, including in lecture rooms, classrooms, laboratories, and the university cafeteria, which provides comfortable network experience.

The campus is connected to the internet with SINET (Science Information Network) 6, which was built and is operated by NII (National Institute of Informatics) as an academic information infrastructure for universities, educational institutions, etc. across the country.

Utilize Our Well-endowed Computing Environment Anytime, Anywhere

The university's computing resources can be remotely accessed 24/7 from home or off-campus via the Internet.
Thanks to the campus-wide network access, you can use the Internet, services like the learning management system, the Academic Administration System, the library management system, and servers and other computing resources with ease.
Computer exercise rooms and other classrooms are available 24/7. Students can access their personal files and environments on any computer in any classroom.

Check Out a Display on the History of Computers

A number of workstations and supercomputers previously used by the university are on display in the lounge on the first floor of the Administration Complex. They are a valuable resource for learning about the history of computers.

Classifications Name of the machine Company
Workstationis S-4/IX Manufactured by FUJITSU LIMITED
GP400S M10
Indigo2 Manufactured by Silicon Graphics, Inc (USA)
NWS-3470 Sony Corporation
Parallel computers GC-1 Parsytec AG (Germany)
Super Parallel Computers CM-5 Thinking Machines Corporation(USA)