Dr. Hoang Le, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Aizu, published a paper in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. ()

Dr. Hoang Le received his M.E and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Aizu (UoA), Japan, in 2018 and 2021, respectively, under the supervision of Prof.
Anh Pham.
Dr. Hoang's research focuses on optical wireless communications, hybrid FSO/RF for satellite/UAV networks, quantum cryptography, cross-layer design, and error-control protocols.
He received several esteemed awards, including the 2018 KICS/IEEE ICTC Best Paper Award, the 2019 IEEE VTS Tokyo Chapter Young Researcher Encouragement Award, and the 2019 IEEE ComSoc Sendai Chapter Student Excellent Research Award.

His paper, entitled "Link-Layer Retransmission-based Error-Control Protocols in FSO Communications: A Survey" (※1) is a part of his Ph.D. dissertation, in which he conducted an extensive literature survey of state-of-the-art retransmission protocols, both automatic repeat request (ARQ) and hybrid ARQ (HARQ), for various FSO communication scenarios, including point-to-point terrestrial, cooperative, multi-hop relaying, hybrid FSO/RF, satellite/aerial, and deep space systems.
The paper is expected to provide an insightful knowledge of FSO systems in the new paradigm of upcoming extremely high-data rate mobile and wireless communication networks.

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With the CiteScore of 69.4, the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials is ranked first in all journals in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, according to Scopus (※2); in addition, with the Impact Factor of 25.249 (※3), it is also ranked first in the "Top journals by Journal Impact Factor" in the research area of Telecommunications (※4).

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