Operating Systems: 2nd Semester, 2013

Course No.F06 (Section SR)
Instructor: Dr. Hitoshi Oi
(Assistant Professor, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Group.)
office: 242-C
office hours: Tuesday 1400 to 1600 or by appointment
email: hitoshi©u-aizu.ac.jp
phone: 2580
Course Web Page: http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/~hitoshi/COURSES/OS/
Lecture Wed, 0900 to 1030 at M4 (Lecture Hall 204)
Exercise Wed, 1040 to 1440 at std2 (Research Quadrangles 146)
*For scheduling efficiency, Lecture and Exercise classes may be swapped.
Course Assistant Sho Niboshi
email: os13ta©oslab.biz


Please note that the syllbus is tentative and subject to change.


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