Lecture Slides

These slides are modified version of the one provided for "Modern Operating Systems (2nd Edition)" by Andrew Tanenbaum at Prentice Hall.

Chapter 1

Postscript PDF (10/5/05: the table on the last page has been corrected).

Chapter 2

Postscript PDF (updated on Nov 2, 2006).

Chapter 3

Postscript PDF

Chapter 4

Postscript PDF
Please note that these slides for Chapter 4 are not completely revised and may contain some typos and erros. So far we have edited and checked only up to page 31. Please check the slides with the notes you took during the class. The rest of slides will be revised in the near future.

Chapters 5 and 6

We do not have revised slides for these chapters yet. Please use the slides provided by the publisher's side.
Hitoshi Oi