Smart Learning


The SDGs include the goal of "quality education for all". Particularly in skills training, which is impossible to acquire through knowledge input, educational gaps occur in various fields such as secondary / higher education, corporate training, recurrent education, and independent learning. The main cause of this is a lack of instructors, which cannot be solved immediately. One way to continuously provide equal education and eliminate educational disparities is so-called Virtual TA created by technology.

In Watanabe Laboratory, we are working on the following research topics in order to construct a learning environment that supports autonomous learning. In particular, we are developing theories and systems specifically for programming education, which has recently gained importance.

- Programming languages that enable intuitive and direct understanding and description of data structures and algorithms
- AI models that support autonomous learning in various learning processes
- A theory of building adaptive user interfaces that control autonomous learning
- Educational data mining to improve educational methods and construction of models