Portable ECG event monitors that use sensor networks


- Background
Event electrocardiographs are devices for taking electrocardiograms when a patient becomes aware of symptoms such as pains affecting his or her heart. Event electrocardiographs can reveal low-frequency arrhythmia, and can be used in emergencies involving cardiac events. Existing event electrocardiographs had short recording times, and because their results had to be phoned in, that could sometimes be inconvenient – or worse, such as when a patient who had suffered a cardiac event was in no position himself to use a phone.

- Features of this technology

  1. Because the electrocardiogram information is recorded using a sensor network and is sent not by existing telephone lines but rather in an instant to the server at the patient's medical institution, this enables both emergency diagnosis and remote diagnosis of the cardiac event to occur.

  2. There is no limit on its recording time, and it can also take GPS data measurements.

  3. It is low cost; has low power consumption; and can also be connected wirelessly.


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