On Wednesday, July 8th, 2020, an online international talk was held, and 50 Japanese students, international students, and faculty and staff members were joined via Zoom.

Two Sri Lankan students, Mr. Udaka Ayas (Master's first year) and Mr. Ravindu Sankha (senior undergraduate student) introduced their country's history, culture, food, and places of interest to the audience in English. Currently, there are 5 international students from Sri Lanka at the University of Aizu, and Mr. Udaka introduced each home area. He introduced the Sinhala language and explained the history of the Kingdoms and the colonial period by Portuguese, Dutch and British. The Ceylon Tea, which is very famous and popular, was introduced during the British colonial period.

They talked about food, a variety of spices and curries, and fruits such as bananas and mangoes were also introduced by Mr. Sankha. In addition to the traditional costumes and dances, the traditional musical instruments were introduced. We were able to listen to the powerful music during the introduction of traditional instruments. Mr. Udaka and Mr. Sanka's talk were very interesting and there were a lot of question and answer sessions. Through their talk, we could learn the attractiveness of Sri Lanka.

The next International Talk "Let's learn about the attractiveness of Spain online!" will be held on August 19th. Please feel free to join us.

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