On Wednesday, May 25th, 2022, International Talk was held via Zoom as an activity of Global Lounge. 33 people, including students and faculty members, participated in the activity.

Ms. Dwitipriya Panda, an undergraduate first-year student, was featured as a speaker. She introduced her country "India" in English! Mr. Odaira Takuto, a third-year student, acted as the MC for the event.

The presentation was an excellent overview of India, including its geography, costumes, folk dances, sports, Bollywood movies, traditional food, and historical ties to Japan. Especially since it was around lunchtime, the pictures of the food in the presentation greatly whetted the viewers' appetites. There were many other attractive things that cannot be fully described here (see the pictures below). The audience was mesmerized by her presentation, completely losing track of time.

During the Q&A session, there were a variety of questions such as about local languages and specific Indian restaurants. It was a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with the country.

After the event, many people expressed their desire to visit India in the near future and experience for themselves what they learned in her presentation.

The next International Talk will be held in June via Zoom. Don't miss it!

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