On Wednesday, December 15, International Talk was held via Zoom as an activity of Global Lounge. Twenty-seven people, including students, faculty members, and staff participated in the activity.

Mr. Kundai Kwangwari, a 4th year undergraduate student from Zimbabwe introduced the activities of the PENDO Initiative, in which he participates, and weddings around the world in English.

He explained that PENDO is an initiative supporting African high school students in their career, internship, and volunteer activities. His friends then introduced weddings in Zambia, Somalia, and Guyana (South America), and Kundai introduced the preparation for marriage and weddings in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, the woman first introduces the man to her aunt, and then the aunt passes on their message to her family. Then he talked that they make a list of payments for the marriage called "Lobola".

It was a great opportunity to learn about the different customs and practices of marriage in different countries through the fascinating presentations of Kundai and his friends.

After the International Talk, many people participated in this event said they had a wonderful opportunity to get to know about Zimbabwe. The next International Talk will be held in January via Zoom. Don't miss it!

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