On Wednesday, June 30th, 2021, an online international talk was held, and 30 Japanese students, international students, faculty and staff members and Aizu Gakuho high school students joined via Zoom.

Mr. SINGH Divij (Master's first year student) was invited as a speaker. He introduced his country "India", and talked about the history, language, food, religion and culture in English!

India is 7th largest country in the world and has 122 different languages. Concerning food, they have a large variety of food and it is the biggest difference in the types of food between north and south in India. He also introduced Indian dances and cinema.

During the question and answer session, we had many questions such as how is the image of Japan for Indian people and very interesting question from a student of Aizu Gakuho high school. It was the first time for high school students to participate in International Talk, and they commented that they were able to learn about India online even though the COVID-19 disaster has made international exchange difficult. Divij's talk was very interesting and we could learn a lot about India.

The next International Talk will be held in July via Zoom. Enjoy it!

Photo_1 ポスター, opening.png Photo_2インド地図.png

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