On Wednesday, November 18th, 2020, an online international talk was held, and 33 Japanese students, international students, and faculty and staff members joined via Zoom.

Mr. Chowdhury Md Intisar (Doctoral second year) and Mr. Amin Md Faizul Ibne (Master's first year)

were invited as speakers. They introduced their country "Bangladesh", and talked about the history, culture, food, tourist attractions and more in English!

Intisar spoke about the geographical location and history in the first half of the talk.

Bangladesh is divided into eight regions, Intisar is from Chittagong in the south and Ibne is from Kustia in the west.

Bangladesh is also known as Bengal. The two regions, which were divided into east and west of India, had a huge discrimination in language, culture, and economic development. So, in 1952, the people of Bangladesh stood up to reclaim their language "Bangla".

Ibne talked about the culture, festivals such as Muslim and Hindu, food culture, and tourist attractions, etc. For tourism, he introduced the mangrove forest "Sundarban" and the Bengal tigers, which are registered as a UNESCO heritage site.

During the question and answer session, we had many questions such as how close culturally and linguistically Bangladesh is to Bengal, India. Their talk was very interesting and we could learn about Bangladesh through their talk.

The next International Talk will be held in January with "International Concert Talk, Tchaikovsky" via Zoom. Enjoy it!

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