On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, International Talk took place via Zoom as an activity of Global Lounge. Twenty-four people, including students and faculty members, joined the event.

Ms. OSIO Miyuki, an undergraduate student, was featured as a speaker. She introduced her country "Vietnam" in English! Ms. TERUSHIMA Haruki acted as the MC for the event.

The presentation was an excellent overview of Vietnam, including its education, transportation, scenery, traditional food, and recommended sightseeing places. The video on how to cross the street was very interesting for the participants.

Many other attractive things cannot be fully described here (see the pictures below). The audience was attracted by her slide materials, completely losing track of time. People there didn't even notice that it was past the scheduled time!

The Q&A session was limited due to time constraints, but it was interesting to learn about the cultural difference between Vietnam and Japan.

The next International Talk will be held in June via Zoom. Don't miss it!

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