On Monday, June 19, 2023, a ceremony was held at the University of Carthage in Tunisia (UCAR) for the signing of a general agreement between UCAR and the University of Tunisia for the purpose of supporting the development of start-up human resources and strengthening cooperation in education and research. Tunisia has one of the highest levels of education in the region, and this agreement is the first inter-university agreement with the MENA region (an abbreviation for countries in the Middle East and North Africa), which has strong economic ties with Europe. *1

At the general agreement signing ceremony, UCAR President Nadia Muzgi, Mr. Malek. Kocherev, Director General for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Higher Education, Dr. Lazar Manai, Dean of ISTIC, and other faculty and staff involved in strengthening future cooperation participated in the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Dean Ben, who attended on behalf of President Miyazaki, said, "With the signing of this general agreement between UoA and UCAR, we look forward to the development of research and educational cooperation between the two universities. I also hope that the faculty and students from the various exchange programs will serve as a bridge between the two countries and strengthen the long and friendly cooperation in the future." He added.

UCAR President Nadia Muzgi emphasized, "Through this collaboration, we have developed an innovative education program that will enhance entrepreneurship and is a great machine for joint research and academic collaboration between our two universities."

From the signing of this agreement, the promotion of grassroots technical cooperation projects will be strengthened, and a business model for ICT start-up human resource development targeting youth, women, etc. in Tunisia will be established, which is expected to involve more stakeholders.

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Signing of the MoU with the University of Carthage

(From left to right: Director of ISTIC, Director General of International Cooperation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dean Ben, President of the Univ. of Carthage, Prof Asano)

1 List of MoU with Overseas Countries and Areas