On Friday, February 14, 2020 16: 30-16: 45 in conference room 128, a donation presentation ceremony was held by Student Life Support (SLS), who runs Rat-a-tat, the University of Aizu cafeteria.
SLS President Terushima thanked for SAISUA's cooperation in the "International food" project and donated 20,000 yen to SAISUA. He also presented "UoAizu coffee," a special coffee blended with beans from 25 countries representative of current faculty and students in the University of Aizu. This year, the main focus was on Burundi coffee, which cuisine was also featured in the "International food" project.
Mr. Terushima remembered in his speech the long-standing cooperation between SLS and the University of Aizu, such as part-time jobs for international students, student dormitories, etc.
Prof. Villegas thanked him for the donation, and took a commemorative photo with all the professors and international students who participated in this ceremony.