SAISUA and SLS served special lunch to gain the knowledge of international understanding. International students and professors of SAISUA planed this international food event.
Meals were sold out within 30 minutes each day. TV broadcasting stations and local newspaper journalists came and interview them. This event was a great success.
We deeply appreciated that part of the sales and your donation(¥11,489) for SAISUA.

1 Date May 29 and 30 12:00~13:00
2 Place UoA Rat-a-tat cafeteria
3 Contents International food (1st step)
Colombia (bandeja paisa)


We are planning to have Spain meals in the end of June.



Colombia03.JPG Colombia05.JPG Colombia06.JPG Colombia07.JPG Colombia08.JPG Colombia09.JPG Colombia10.JPG Colombia11.JPG BandejaPaisa1.JPG