The AY2020 Short-Term Study Abroad Fair was held on Wednesday, July 22. This year's fair was held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and about 250 students, including first-year undergraduate students and those who wished to attend the study abroad, participated in the fair.

First, Prof. Wilson, Director of the Center for Language Research, gave a speech on the importance of English in global communication and the benefits of studying abroad, and then Prof. Kawaguchi explained the overall study abroad program at the University of Aizu. Due to the COVID-19, the short-term study abroad program was cancelled this year and an alternative program "SCCP: Immersive English Experience for Study-Abroad Program" was introduced by Prof. Perkins.

After that, Mr. Takuya Sukegawa, Mr. Masato Hidaka and Mr. Taisei Kodama gave the online presentation about their experience at the University of Waikato, Pathways College in New Zealand. Mr. Yuki Matsushita, Ms. Taeko Yoshii and Mr. Yoshiyasu Chonan gave a presentation about their experience at the Rose-Hulman Institute Technology in the US.

Prof. Nogita and Prof. Perkins talked about their study abroad and international exchange experiences, and the Global Lounge and the Buddy Program were introduced as part of the international exchange activities on campus.

All the presentations were very unique with their own experience, the participants enjoyed and became interested in study abroad. Office for Strategy of International Program will keep providing such events and activities and the University of Aizu has been promoting international education through various overseas study programs every year. We hope that many students will overcome the difficult situation of COVID-19 and challenge to the study-abroad programs while they are in the university.

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