UoA 4 international Students were invited to 3rd Grade of Ikki Elementary School in Aizu-Wakamatsu City and introduced their country as a class of international understanding.

The Presenters are:

Peter, Mok.jpg

Mr. Chun Yin Mok (3rd year of UG)       - Hong Kong
Mr. Kudry Peter (1st year of Master)     - Slovakia


Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Huyen (2nd year of Doctor) - Vietnam
Mr. Mai Hoang Duc (2nd year of Master)   - Vietnam

They have introduced home country especially, language, daily life, history, anime and some differences between Japan and their countries and areas.

Students were eager to learn the different cultures with curious face, and also they have answered energetically to some Quizzes about their countries.

After presentation, they have played together to deepen international understanding.
It was a wonderful day for both elementray and UoA students.

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UoA international students become really interesting to communicate with local people in Aizu-wakamatsu to understand different culture as well.

Office for Strategy of International Programs keep to support such activities in the future.