The International Talk was held at the Global Lounge, 1F Research Quadrangles on Dec. 19th by Mr. Camilo Arevalo (1st year Graduate student, Columbia). 31participants including Japanese and international students, faculty and administrative staff members joined these events.

Mr. Camilo Arevalo introduced the history, culture, industry and music of Columbia, and wore the traditional Colombia costume.

He explained the origin of the Columbia's national flag and various cities, and also talked about oil, mining and flowers that are famous industries in Columbia. In fact, many flowers are exported to Japan.

He also introduced his university, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali, and various attractive events in December and a new year.

The International Talk were very interesting, and we had a wonderful time and a good cross-cultural understanding.

The International Talk will be held in January, so please feel free to come to the International Talk in Global Lounge.

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