The International Talk was held at the Global Lounge, 1F Research Quadrangles on Dec. 17th by Ms. Yuan Tu (Senior, Undergraduate students, China) .

23 participants including Japanese and international students, faculty and administrative staff members joined these events.

Ms. Yuan Tu introduced a various attractive aspect of Jiu Quan and Qingdao cities in China. She introduced the origin of the name of the Jiu Quan city and the food called "Hu Guo".

Qingdao city is well known as "Qingdao beer". She also talked about the life in Qingdao that people take out the beer in a plastic bag, and enjoy the Qingdao beer festival and popular spicy clams.

The International Talk were very interesting, and we had a wonderful time and a good cross-cultural understanding.

The International Talk will be held in January, so please feel free to come to the International Talk in Global Lounge.

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