AY2018 short-term study abroad fair was held on July 11th, and approximately 240 students participated in the fair. First, Prof. Kaneko gave an opening speech about study abroad and information about overseas preparation class "Global Experience Gateway". Then Prof. Wilson explained importance of English ability for the global communication, and the advantages of study abroad. Afterword, Prof. Kawaguchi explained about AY2018 short-term study abroad programs.

After that, Ms. Yumika Nakamura and Mr. Rion Sato gave a presentation about their experience at the Rose-Hulman Institute Technology in the US . Then Ms. Sakurako Kimura, Mr. Yuhei Nagai and Mr. Ryusei Takano gave a presentation about their experience at the University of Waikato Pathways College in New Zealand. Further, other students and stuff explained about the Global Lounge's activities, Buddy Program, and Regional revitalization activities in Nakagoya, Minami-aizu.

All the presentations were very unique in their own way, the audience enjoyed and got interested in their presentations. Office for Strategy of International Program will keep providing such events and activities, and we hope many students will get various experiences through the study abroad programs.

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