Ms. Onon Bayasgalan from Mongolia, Mr. Florian Debaene and Mr. Loick Walle from France were invited by international understanding class for the third grade students of Ikki elementary school in Aizu Wakamatsu city on February 16th, 2018. Mr. Hayato Watanabe, 3rd undergrad student also helped the activity as a translator. First, those international students introduced their culture such as greetings, traditional food, games, tourist spots, history and daily life. The elementary school students became interested in learning the differences between Japan and foreign countries. When the international students gave some questions about their home countries, the students answered pleasantly. During the class, elementary school students enjoyed playing the Mongolian Janken. At the end of the class, the students expressed appreciation to the international students by saying "thank you" in their foreign languages. It was a great time to deepen international understanding.

UoA international students actively get involved with the local community, and Office for Strategy of International Programs will keep providing such activities in the future.


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