Japanese Culture Seminar" was held on August 7, and 19 UoA students (17 international students and 2 Japanese students) joined the seminar. The goal of the seminar is that international students in Fukushima can learn history and culture of Fukushima through its various cultural properties and interaction with Japanese students and local people.

Firstly, the students visited "Culture Center Tokiwa" in Tamura City and cooked "Tamura Colorful Curry" with the local people. The curry, which has a lot of local colorful ingredients as its name indicates, is an original curry produced from the city, and the students enjoyed it very much.

Afterward, the students joined a summer festival and got fully interested in the events they watched for the first time. In particular, the students were very facunated with "Beatle Wrestling" since it is Japanese traditional game and become very unique for them.

Lastly, the students visited Abukuma Cave which is around 80 million years old, and the cave caught their attention a lot because its color was mysteriously changed with light. Through these activities, the students were able to learn culture and history of Fukushima deeply, so the seminar was really productive for them.

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