Exchange Ideas of Regional Revitalization with Aizu High School Students
and UoA International students

Aizu high school students visited our university on February 5, 2016 as a part of global leader development program to discuss the topic of "What are the attractiveness of Aizuwakamatsu", and students from Taiwan, China, and Vietnam joined this exchange idea discussion. One of the international students shared his experiences that his own image of Japan and his real life in Japan are totally different, and Aizu has a distinguished season of the year, and nature and foods that are so attractive. On the other hands, high school students found out that various cultural values and perceptions are observed, and the exchange ideas became a good opportunity to rethink the attractiveness of Aizuwakamatsu.
UoA international students actively get involved with the local community, and Office for Strategy of International Programs will keep providing such an activity in the future.